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"Thumbs Up" for Pastor Stephen Grant Novels

I received this e-mail today and, as I am a fan of the "Pastor Stephen Grant" novels also, I thought I'd post it here. If you haven't read any of the books, I'd say you should start with Warrior Monk. It introduces you to the main players that appear again in later books. Our book club is reading An Advent for Religious Liberty for our next meeting, another fast paced novel which takes place in New York.
Thumbs Up for “Murderer’s Row” and All Pastor Stephen Grant Novels

Ray Keating
Author of

Available at in paperback or for the Kindle

Ray Keating’s new thriller, MURDERER’S ROW, is getting big thumbs up, as have all of the other Pastor Stephen Grant novels – THE RIVER, AN ADVENT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, ROOT OF ALL EVIL?  and  WARRIOR MONK.

Pastor Rod  Zwonitzer, host of KFUO radio’s “BookTalk,” calls Ray Keating “a great novelist.” On a recent show about MURDERER’S ROW,  Zwonitzer  declared: “The listeners have to understand that they’re going to get some good theology, they’re going to get some good mysteries, some very well done thriller writing…”

Also on MURDERER’S ROW,  KirkusReview says, “The author packs a lot into this frantically paced novel… a raft of action sequences and baseball games are thrown into the mix. The multiple villains and twists raise the stakes… Stephen remains an engaging and multifaceted character: he may still use, when necessary, the violence associated with his former professions, but he at least acknowledges his shortcomings—and prays about it. Action fans will find plenty to love here, from gunfights and murder sprees to moral dilemmas.”

And from a  Washington Times  review of THE RIVER written by a pastor and former CIA officer: “How do you handle being a former CIA adrenaline junkie turned pastor? Ray Keating's latest novel, ‘The River,’ takes you on an intriguing summer ride… What Ian Fleming's 007 series has probably done for ex-MI-6 agents and Tom Clancy has done for retired CIA officers, Mr. Keating has done for the minority of former CIA agents who have served their country by working in the intelligence community, but now wish to serve God.”

Best-selling novelist Paul L. Maier declares, “ROOT OF ALL EVIL?  is  an extraordinarily good read.”

Marvin  Olasky, editor-in-chief of WORLD magazine, lists Ray Keating among his top 10 Christian novelists.

And David Keene, opinion editor at  The Washington Times, proclaims, “The Stephen Grant novels are great reads beginning with WARRIOR MONK, which aptly describes Ray Keating's engaging hero.”

MURDERER’S ROW: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL has received an average reviewer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s available in trade paperback at

This thriller also can be purchased and downloaded for the Kindle at

Get the first four thrillers at

WARRIOR MONK: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL has earned an average reviewer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, and was ranked as a Top 10 book on a WORLD magazine June 2013 list.

ROOT OF ALL EVIL?  A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL has earned an average reviewer rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

AN ADVENT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL has earned an average reviewer rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

THE RIVER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL has earned an average reviewer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. THE RIVER was named a 2014 finalist for KFUO radio's BookTalk “Book of the Year.”

In general, reviewers have compared his thrillers to the works of Clancy, Ludlum, Grisham, Cussler, Griffin and Morrell.

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