Saturday, September 19, 2015

Circuit 18 Elects Represenatives

The Lord be with you
Circuit 18

Today Circuit 18 of the SED of the LC-MS held their Forum at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Irmo, SC. The main order of business was to elect our circuit representatives to the upcoming Synod Convention. The results of the election were:

Rev. Paul Sizemore of Mt. Olive, pastoral delegate (this is pastor Sizemore's third convention)
Mr. Frank Schumpert of Holy Trinity Lutheran in Columbia, lay delegate (Mr. Schumpert's first convention)

Rev. David Panning of Holy Lamb Lutheran in Myrtle Beach, alternate pastoral delegate (Pastor Panning has never been to a synod convention)
Mr. Wayne Mabb of Lamb of God Lutheran in Spartanburg, alternate lay delegate (Mr. Mabb has never been to a synod convention)

The alternates attend in the place of the primary representative if the primary representative cannot attend for some reason.

We are pleased at Lamb of God that the circuit has elected Wayne as the alternative.

Pastor Ted Crandall, who is still a deployed Mission Developer by Lamb of God and currently serving as our Circuit Visitor, led the Forum. He did a great job. He opened the gathering with a study of Philippians 3:4b-21. The hymn singing was wonderful. There was also some sharing done about what the Lord is doing in the various congregations around the circuit. Twenty people were present. 

Blessings in Christ,

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