Saturday, September 19, 2015

Examining the Evidence for Faith | LCMS News & Information

I read this in the latest issue of Lutherans Engage the World. I gotta love the ability to just connect the article to the blog!

by Megan K. Mertz

He’s a college professor who’s fluent in ancient languages and an expert in history dating back to Genesis — a Lutheran Indiana Jones, of sorts. For Dr. E. Christian Kopff, the past matters — and it matters a lot.

That’s why the LCMS Lutheran has spent the last 40 years studying and teaching about the ancient world as an associate professor of Classics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, a state university with more than 29,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

“The most important things in our society go back thousands and thousands of years,” he said, “whether it’s democracy, science, the Bible. … We are part of a great tradition, and we ought to know it.”

The Bible as History

Kopff’s specialty is in ancient Greek manuscripts, and he knows both Greek and Latin — languages he sometimes teaches in the school’s Honors Program. He also teaches a course he designed called “Introduction to the Bible.”

Unlike other courses on the Bible that are mostly meant to...

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Examining the Evidence for Faith | LCMS News & Information

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