Thursday, September 17, 2015

Help Refugees of Violence and Persecution in the Middle East

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Imagine being forced from your home, held at gunpoint, and told you have 24 hours to convert to a radical group's beliefs or you and your family will be executed.

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Distribution to Assyrian Christians.
Refugee outreach
Children of Iraqi Christian refugees.
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Muslim refugees from Syria in a camp.
Persecution like this occurs daily through the terror group called ISIS. Sectarian governments persecute millions more in the Middle East.

This unspeakable evil has produced a flood of refugees who flee violence in their home countries. Refugees are overwhelming many nations. The hardest hit is Lebanon, whose population has increased by 30 percent! 

These refugees, mostly women and children, survive in circumstances you and I may consider impossible.

The situation looks bleak, but you can help!

Lutheran Hour Ministries' center in Lebanon provides food and other materials to Christian and Muslim refugees in Lebanon and Iraq.

Ministering to the body is critical - yet our staff also seeks to reach people's hearts with the Gospel. 

How do we do this?

LHM revisits refugee settlements again and again. As we meet their needs over time, they see the love of Jesus in us! That opens the door to conversations sharing the light of the Gospel with people who have seen so much darkness.

Read more on the Lebanon ministry center blog.

You can be a direct part of helping victims of persecution. Please consider making a gift today to support Muslim and Christian refugees in the Middle East. 

Thank you for showing Christ's love to these souls.
Your Partner in HIS Mission,

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