At our quarterly LWML meeting on June 7th, it was decided to purchase 4 round tables for the meeting/education room, as funds have been set aside for these; we also decided to remove funds from altar paraments and put it in the regular funds, as we have many obligations upcoming: Table favors for LWML Annual Retreat in August (we decided on plant seeds, water and small plants); Fall Rally (we decided on the theme of "Roots" at our previous meeting, so we will need seedling plants for the centerpieces that can grow in water so you can see the roots). I don't have the actual minutes yet from Carolyn Mullinax, so I don't have actual dates to provide.

Link to January 2015 Carolinas Cross Connection & Joy Event Form (March 21, 2015):

Link to Winter 2015 LWML Quarterly:

Link to March 2015 CCC

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