Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reformation - More Than A Religious Movement

The Lord be with you

This is a broadcast of World Lutheran Broadcast which is a broadcast ministry of the LCMS and aired on KUFO. The first six minutes of the recording is news from around the world. It then moves to a interview of three individuals about the Reformation and its interplay with culture as well as how it has shaped culture.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Rickert

Reformation Day may be over, but sometimes there are so many good things to highlight about it that they can't all fit in one week. Here's an interview on KFUO that is worth your time. Staff from the Concordia Historical Institute discuss the difference the Reformation has made and how it was much more than just a religious movement.

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  1. Dear Pastor John

    I was baptized one lovely evening in April four years ago after attending a Catholic Church for two months. I was surprised when the priest asked if I would renounce the Prince of Darkness but I agreed. From the moment the water washed my soul clean it has been a big welcome home party. God is happy and so am I. However I have many questions.

    I do not understand why we have a 73 book Holy Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit and compiled in 347 AD and yet churches that are not Catholic use a changed bible authored by a man Martin (6 letters) Luther (6 letters) with 66 books like his name. It's just so weird. He was allowed to remove 7 books, delete verses in Daniel and Esther, plus add a word in Romans. I can not understand why people would follow this man and not God. Can you please explain to me why people prefer this changed man made bible from 1522 instead of the Holy Spirits Bible? Thank you.