Friday, November 13, 2015

Iranians Becoming Christian

The Lord be with you

Today, a team from LCMS Communications visited with a group of Iranian refugees and immigrants who have found their way to Lukas Kirche in Leipzig, Germany, a congregation of our German partner church, the SELK. Many are presently in classes leading to Baptism with Pastors Hugo Gevers and Markus Fischer. Others have been Christian for several years. They shared the stories of their journey to Germany. They spoke of what drew them to Christianity. They spoke of the kindness of Christians who had come to their aid. They had questions for us and our church. They were grateful for our gifts of Farsi Bibles and Catechisms and the Bible story poster sets that were donated by CPH. Look for the full story about how God is blessing the Lutherans in Germany as they respond to the refugee crisis in their nation in the next LCMS Reporter newspaper and on our Facebook page.

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  1. It is heartwarming to see this happening, that God is drawing people from darkness to the light of the Gospel. Also, China, despite state persecution of unregistered Christian churches, has been fertile soil for the Gospel, with thousands being converted yearly. What are we to make of this....that neither sword nor tyranny, nor ignorance....can prevent God's salvation plan from happening. Praise the Lord.