Friday, September 25, 2015

The Church Helping in Africa

While governments worry about other governments, the Church continues to care for people. This, from the LC-MS, is but another example.
Earlier today we received some gorgeous pictures taken by LCMS Managing Photojournalist Erik Lunsford as he travels through Ethiopia with LCMS Missionary Shara Cunningham from Kenya. They traveled by van on nearly impassable roads seven hours each way to visit the vegetable seed project site at the Lietchuor Refugee Camp about 135 Kilometers from Gambela, a remote town in Western Ethiopia. The project, funded through a grant from the LCMS, helps to train people on growing their own vegetables, sustaining their families, and helping the surrounding community.

If you have never had the privilege to visit the continent of Africa, stay tuned because as we'll be sharing more pictures from this trip, articles regarding the work going on in Ethiopia and Malawi, and even an exclusive video clip of what it looks like to traveling the grueling road system there!

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