Wednesday, September 2, 2015

SED Pres. Denninger talks ineighborhood

The Lord be with you

Our District President, Rev. Dr. John Denninger, was recently interviewed on the radio. He spoke of the ineighborhood initiative here in the Southeastern District. This is something I've been seeking to get Lamb of God involved in. This initiative is where we got the information about praying for our neighbors and the idea to walk our neighborhoods. I encourage all our members to listen to the interview. Those who visit this site, but don't live in the Southeastern District, you can still listen and implement the ideas where you do live. We live in a world that is in desperate need of the Gospel of God's grace in Christ Jesus, our Lord. In God's mercy, we can be part of reaching them with this life-saving word.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

A message from the Southeastern District,LCMS 
Update on Sunday Evening, august 30, 2015 


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Archived Recording
Interview with SED President John Denninger
Many of you have requested information about this broadcast. The recording has been archived and is now available for listening. Click here to go to the broadcast.
You will want to download the first file: Engaging Truth 150830.mp3
Engaging Truth I
"iNeighborhood of the Southeastern District-LCMS"
Join our host, David Schultz, in Engaging Truth's continuing series of interviewing the district presidents of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. This week our guest will be President John Denninger of the Southeastern District. The district's 212 churches and 90 schools are located in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North and South Carolina. The SED office is located in Alexandria VA. Within the borders of the district live 32,225,000 people - more than 10% of the US population. If the 67,000 baptized members in these congregations will equip and deploy for ministry in their neighborhoods, the district believes it will have the greatest opportunity of reaching 32 million people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason iNeighborhood was created. Learn how through this education and training program, the Southeastern District hopes to have a presence in 500 more neighborhoods and raise up 6,000 lay people by 2021. In working together to connect others with Jesus, lives are transformed and God's kingdom grows.

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