Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Book About Money

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Many people find themselves in a place of stress and anxiety with money.

Your New Money Mindset, a new book coauthored by Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, and James Moline, licensed psychologist, helps readers achieve freedom from that stress and anxiety by creating a healthy, more openhearted relationship with money. 

You can get the book at a discount! Plus you'll have access to this helpful content:
  • A free online New Money Mindset AssessmentTM to help you examine your fundamental attitudes about money and generosity.
  • A free study guide with questions to use on your own or with a small group.
  • Faith-based action steps to encourage you on your journey to a transformed relationship with money.
You can read more about the book in the September issue of Thrivent magazine: “Good, Bad or Awful: How Do You Get Along With Your Money?” 

We believe that if people—especially Christians—could have a healthier relationship with money, it would change the world.
– Hewitt & Moline

Discount offered by Thrivent Financial.

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