Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween: A Short History
With Halloween almost upon us, it is good to know the history of the holiday, especially with all the claims of pagan origins. This article is a very helpful and very detailed historical survey of the various dates and celebrations related to Halloween and All Saint's Day.

"There is a lot of new mythology about Halloween that has been invented to claim that Halloween is a pagan holiday. It is not, and it never was a pagan holiday. ...

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  1. This entire article is christian bs. The Samhain rituals and celebrations pre-date christ. True christians don't celebrate halloween because of this.

    1. I will try to be clear. "Halloween" is "All Saints' Eve" (or, if you prefer, All Hallows Eve). The celebration of All Saints has nothing to do with the myths of Samhain. Christian holidays are, time-wise, patterned on the ancient Jewish practice of days beginning at sunset. Halloween was (and is actually) the beginning of All Saints' Day. Your mythology is seeking (successfully it seems) to claim the day. But you are building on a Christian Day, not the other way around.

    2. By the way, Samhain is quite old, though no one really knows how old. Maybe some celebrated something like it before Christ, maybe not. All Saints Day, however, was celebrated by Christians before they reached the lands that celebrated Samhain.