Monday, October 5, 2015

Heavy Rains 2015

The Lord be with you

Below is a communication from Synod that includes a prayer for those who live in the states effected by the rains and floods over the past few days. As we live in South Carolina, I've hear from most of the LCMS churches in this state. I can say that, while we have had heavy rain for close to a week, the congregations and members have not sustained heavy damage. At Lamb of God we have only one member that truly sustained heavy damage; a tree fell and took out a third of her home. There was some minor flooding at church also. However, other parts of our state have sustained heavy damage. Then, there is the rest of the district, which stretches up to Pennsylvanian and Delaware. The storm has been everywhere. I expect we will hear more in the coming days. Keep us all in your prayers.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Rickert

News reports from Charleston and Columbia show major damage to buildings and roads. Both LCMS congregations in Columbia have sustained water damage. Our church and school in Myrtle Beach also experienced flooding in one of the school buildings. These are early reports, the storm followed right up the coastline and much of the LCMS Southeastern District was impacted. District disaster coordinator, Deaconess Sally Hiller, is working to complete an assessment of damage and create a disaster response plan in coordination with LCMS Disaster Response leaders.

LET US PRAY: Almighty God, merciful Father, You send sunshine to warm the earth You created and rain to supply it with life-giving water. Your thoughts are not our thoughts and Your ways are not our ways. In Your wisdom, You have permitted the flooding in our eastern states where homes, cars and people are being swept into flood waters. We implore You, let not the hearts of Your people despair nor their faith fail them, but sustain and comfort them. Direct all efforts to rescue, protect and attend to those affected. Bring hope and let Your people find relief and restoration; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Days of torrential rains kept much of South Carolina and its capital gripped by floodwaters early Monday as emergency responders promised renewed…

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