Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KFUO Weekly Update


For churches outside the St. Louis area for the week of October 25:                     

THY STRONG WORD on your Lutheran Radio Station Worldwide Join us as we look into the Books of 1st and 2nd Peter which compels us to be steadfast in faith.
Mon. Oct 26 --- 1 Peter 4 “Stewards of God’s Grace”
Tues. Oct 27 --- 1 Peter 5 “Shepherd of the Flock of God”
Wed. Oct 28 --- 2 Peter 1 “Make Your Calling and Election Sure” (pt.1)
Thurs. Oct 29 --- 2 Peter 2 “Make Your Calling and Election Sure” (pt.2)
Fri. Oct 30 ---  2 Peter 3 “The Day the Lord will Come”

Monday-Friday @ 11am Central Time on . Follow us on

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