Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacation, Day Eleven

Thursday after Pentecost 2
June 10, 2010
Vacation Day Eleven

The Lord be with you

Today has been the least active day of this vacation for me and Kitty. Rachel and Dixie were given tours of three university/college campuses here in San Diego. Gregory, Kitty and I had the day to ourselves.

I must tell you about the month of June in San Diego. If you went by television and the movies, every day in southern California is a sunny 78 degrees with the beaches filled with beautiful people dancing about in bathing suites. The truth is not quite so monotone. June days are overcast so often that those who live here call it “June gloom.” Today was such a day. The sun usually burns off the gloom in the afternoon, only to have it return by early evening. Today the sun could not get the job done. On such days the beaches are rather empty. Not empty, but certainly not full.

Kitty, Gregory and I were determined to use this day to go to the beach. We did so, even though the sun was not out. The water was cold, maybe 65 degrees, but we went in anyways. We were able to get used to the temperature and had a wonderful time. We then walked and walked along the beach. The beach we went to is called Pacific Beach.

It seemed unwise to take the camera to the beach as we knew we would have to leave it on the beach while we were in the water, so I have no pictures from the day. We picked up some Taquetos (rolled tacos) from El Indios (a must for any trip to San Diego) for dinner.

While we were out having fun in the gloom, my sister Cathy flew in from Florida. She is staying at my brother Steve’s home. After dinner Kitty and I went over to Steve’s home to visit, only to find that we were too late. My mom and Cathy were in bed. They got up to say “hi” but quickly returned to bed. So Kitty and I have returned to Diane’s.

The lone picture for today is of the “June gloom,” taken from Diane’s back porch, looking towards Pacific Beach.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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  1. 65 degrees is plenty warm! I even got John in the water this time! We walked to the end of the beach and back again; Gregory enjoyed exploding giant seaweed pods all along the way there and back again!