Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation, Day 19

Friday after Pentecost 3
June 18, 2010
Vacation, Day 19

The Lord be with you

Today we woke up in Montana, drove through Wyoming, and are spending the night in South Dakota. We are in the Sioux Motel and I don’t remember the town’s name. While in South Dakota we visited Mount Rushmore and spent a couple of hours in a small town (population 311) named Keystone at the foot or Rushmore. The work and end result of this project is truly impressive. It is amazing what imagination and determination can accomplish.

The landscape we have seen is again beautiful. There is no doubt as to why Montana is the “big sky” state. There has been rolling hills and land to the horizon in each state. For much of the day we could still see the Grand Titons Mountains to our south. The weather was much warmer, reaching into the 70’s.

I would like to give a nod to the fine people in the state of Wyoming. It has resisted the siren call to tax the gullible. Of course the states do not call it a voluntary tax on gullible people. They call it a state lottery. This form of legalized gambling, I guess, I am most opposed to. It puts the state in the position of not only permitting gambling, but actually promoting gambling. If the state actively promotes something then it is perceived by the gullible as desirable, good, positive, and proper. So many people spend way too much money on useless scraps of paper instead of education, food, rent, or even going out to the movies. Wyoming has not legalized any form of gambling. Good for them!

While in South Dakota we passed into Central Time, “loosing” another hour. So now it is 1:00 AM here, 3:00 AM in San Diego, and midnight back home in South Carolina. It is getting hard to know how late I am staying up.

The following pictures were taken today. They are:

1. Somewhere either in Montana or Wyoming, the Grand Titons are in the background
2. Probably South Dakota
3. Mt. Rushmore
4. Gregory, Rachel and Dixie at Mt. Rushmore
5. Kitty could join the presidents on Mt. Rushmore

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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  1. John is so funny - you should have seen him squiggling around on the ground to get the right angle for this picture! And I had to look oblivious! It's amazing that 90% of the work of Mt. Rushmore was done with dynamite - talk about precision blasting; wow!