Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacation, Day 8

Monday after Pentecost 2
June 7, 2010
Vacation, Day 8

The Lord be with you

Well the wedding is over and the happy couple is in Hawaii, so today was more like a normal vacation in San Diego. We decided to go to La Jolla and see the tide pools at the sea wall. Back in my childhood this was called the children’s cove. The sea wall kept the waves out. It still does that but now the beach has been taken over by sea lions. You can tell the difference between sea lions and seals by their ears. At any rate, people are no longer allowed on this little beach. Before leaving for the tide pools we went by my brother Steve’s place. We visited with him and the rest of the group there. Steve and his wife Tracy left with us for the tide pools. On the way over Steve directed us to some other sites, like a place where people do hang-gliding. They do not need any power boats because there is an updraft from the cliffs. It was quite a sight. By the time we got to the sea wall we had missed low tied by a couple of hours and so could not go out and look at the tide pools. Maybe we will see them another day. We did see plenty of sea lions and spent some time relaxing on the beach just a few feet away. The sea lions don’t seem to be interested in the second beach. After that we returned to Steve’s home. We spent the rest of the day there and many members of our family dropped by, ate dinner, played music, and visited. Steve has a pool and it was enjoyed by many of us, especially Gregory. Gregory would have stayed at the beach much longer as well. I think he would give the sea lions a run for their money when it comes to loving the water.

The pictures below are:
1. Rachel, Tracy, Steve, Bill, Kitty, Elena, Dixie, me, Gregory, at Steve’s before we set out for the tide pools.
2. Steve, Dixie, Kitty, Gregory, where the hang-gliders are.
3. The sea lions at the sea wall. I’m standing on the wall.
4. Dixie tests the waters of the Pacific
5. Kitty verses the wave
6. Gregory will get wet any way he can.
7. Rebekkah and Barry. This was the first time I met Barry. Rebekkah is my niece and the wife of Barry.
8. My sister Claire.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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  1. Everyone kept saying it was too cold to get into the ocean - baah! Just get your feet wet, your hands wet, then fall in backwards. Then you're numb and it doesn't matter - have fun!!!