Friday, August 7, 2015

LCMS Convention Nomination Deadline Approaches

Postcard No. 9: It is time to submit nominations for 2016 LCMS Convention.

Postcard No. 9: It’s time ...
to submit nominations
This is a reminder that Oct. 9, 2015, is the deadline for submitting names to the Committee for Convention Nominations for the following positions to be filled by the 2016 Synod convention, which meets in Milwaukee, Wis., July 9-14, 2016:
  • Secretary of the Synod
  • LCMS Board of Directors at-large positions
    (2 ordained; 1 layperson)
  • Concordia University System Board of Directors
    (1 ordained; 1 commissioned; 2 laypersons)
  • Concordia Publishing House Board of Directors
    (1 ordained; 1 commissioned; 3 laypersons)
  • Lutheran Church Extension Fund Board of Directors
    (1 ordained or commissioned; 2 laypersons)
  • Commission on Theology and Church Relations
    (1 ordained parish pastor; 1 commissioned parish teacher; 1 layperson)
  • Boards of Regents — two seminaries
    (1 ordained; 2 laypersons)
  • Boards of Regents — nine colleges/universities
    (1 ordained; 1 commissioned; 2 laypersons)
Nominations may be submitted by members of the Synod (ordained ministers, commissioned ministers, congregations) or individual members of congregations. A convenient auto-fill nomination form is available at
Not included in this call for nominations are the following positions: Synod president, all vice-presidents, regional members of the Board of Directors and all members of the national and international mission boards. Nominations for these positions will be made by official ballots mailed to all voting congregations on or around Oct. 1, 2015.
Raymond L. Hartwig
LCMS Secretary
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