Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Women's Bible Fellowship

The Lord be with you

The LWML, who sponsor our Women's Bible Fellowship (WBF), met this past Sunday (June 7). Among other things, they discussed the WBF, which has been meeting in the morning. The idea behind the morning meetings was that it would enable women who did not have jobs outside the home to attend. Apparently we don't have many ladies who fall into the category that can also to attend a mid-week Bible Study. So the Bible Study is being moved back to Wednesday evenings.

As I understand it, the ladies will meet every other Wednesday, beginning tonight (June 10). As every quarter of the year there will be one month with five Wednesdays, we cannot say something like the second and fourth Wednesdays because the five Wednesday months will switch what week the Bible Studies will fall in the subsequent month.

It is also a fact of our lives that a lady might be able to attend one Bible study and then not the next one. Who knows, maybe they are off on a vacation or some out-of-town company is visiting. Maybe they are having a birthday party or have to work late. So, for now, the Bible studies will be self-contained. That is to say, what we start we will finish the same night. There will be no carry-over. A new person will not have missed the groundwork laid two weeks earlier. (This has the advantage, also, of allowing you to invite those out-of-town guests.)

The general topic will be our hymns. Each hymn in our hymnal is a theological gem, containing great truths set to music. I will be soliciting "hymn requests" so we can use some of the ladies favorite hymns. Any hymn that has been in one of our hymnals (The Lutheran Hymnal, Lutheran Worship, Lutheran Service Book, Worship Supplement, Hymnal Supplement 98, Songs for Disciples, I think that is it) may be used. The only hymn I'm picking is the first one (By Grace I'm Saved, LSB 566).

TONIGHT (June 10)
6:30 PM
Aside from the actual study, we will pray, enjoy fellowship, and share goodies the ladies bring. I'll also be collecting hymn names for future studies.

The upcoming schedule will them be June 24, July 8 and 22.

Blessings in Christ,

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