Thursday, June 18, 2015

What is Marriage? (Bible Study)

"Marriage is a mysterious proclamation of the Gospel in our world, for God has not left Himself without such witness of Himself in this world. The Gospel proclamation not only forgives sins, it also changes lives! Marriage cannot be whatever a society wants it to be. We as Christians bear witness to the truth and the dark ages of sin will not change it. Rather than argue with those who will not listen, we Christians live out the reality of a good marriage. We will bear witness to the truth by paying attention to our own marriage and making it an example of truth." -- LCMS essayist Richard Eyer

Download this short Bible study "What is Marriage?" by going to today.
A user-friendly guide to what the Bible has to say about cohabitation and marriage.


  1. Why the doublespeak? Marriage is no "mysterious proclamation of the Gospel." The Bible established it long ago as God's will for men and women, and Jesus spoke of both marriage and divorce. One thing is certain....same sex marriage was never in mind, but some Christian theologians today, in appeasing the corrupt society in which we live, are attempting to justify it, even wrongly claiming that God affirms it.

    1. Using marriage to illustrate our relationship to Christ dates back to the New Testament (Ephesians 5:22-23). It is not "doublespeak." There is no compromise with the culture. That the culture doesn't understand this mystery is not surprising. However we should not let the limited understanding of our culture limit our use of biblical language to explain marriage, the Gospel, or any of the other truths God proclaims.