Thursday, February 7, 2013

Youth Edition of The Lutheran Witness

Special youth edition of The Lutheran Witness

The church rightly spends a great deal of time speaking to and about married couples, families, grandparents and babies, but too often, our young people are left out of the mix. That is why the February special issue of The Lutheran Witness is specifically for young adults! It’s written to them, for them, by them.

The magazine deals with what they deal with:

  • Choosing a vocation, particularly one within the church.
  • Sexting and why sending compromising photos to a member of the opposite sex isn’t a healthy way to build a relationship.
  • Marriage and what to look for in a Christian spouse.
  • Bullying and the way in which Christ delivers His children from their accusers.
  • Getting along with parents and understanding the Fourth Commandment.
  • Praying and the reasons why it is OK to ask God for things that seem impossible.
  • Dating and the search for contentment, whether a person is single or not.
  • Saving sex for marriage.
  • Defending the faith among peers and teachers, friends and parents.

Finally, LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison uses his monthly “From the President” column to encourage youth in remaining faithful to Christ, writing, “The Church has a future because Jesus has a future, and He’s made you His very own for eternity.”

Pastors, parents, teachers and youth are encouraged to read and discuss the articles together and to engage in discussion about the way in which our Lord cares for His children, no matter their age!

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PS: Thanks to our friends at Concordia Publishing House, participants at this summer’s National Youth Gathering July 1–5, 2013, in San Antonio will receive copies of the February issue and also will be able to download it to their smart phones at no cost.

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