Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beaufort Mission Update

Thursday after Pentecost 23
November 12, 2009

The Lord be with you

Lamb of God Lutheran Church (LCMS) is the sponsoring church of a Lutheran Mission in Beaufort, SC. Rev. Ted Crandall, our Associate Pastor, lives in the area and is directing this God pleasing work.

The Mission started in March at Helena House, a retirement home in Beaufort. A few of the residents desired a worship service, and Pastor Crandall, recently retired from the Navy, agreed to provide those services, which began in March of this year. At this time there was nothing “official” about this gathering. There was a need and Pastor Crandall was happy to fill it, much like most any pastor would provide services at a retirement home. However attendance began to grow, and the need to do something more “official” became apparent. This is where Lamb of God enters the story. We issued Pastor Crandall a call to be our Associate Pastor, specifically commissioned to start a Lutheran Church in Beaufort. This would no longer simply be a service provided to the residents of Helena House, but would be heading towards the establishing of a new congregation. Pastor Crandall accepted the call and was installed August 30, 2009.

The work continued to be blessed by the Lord and the services were attended, not only with residents from Helena House, but also by non-residents. Several Sundays’ attendance was over 30, which exceeded the space available. Helena House administrators asked the Mission to find a new site, which they did. Beginning September 20, 2009, the Mission began meeting at 1013 Charles St. However Pastor Crandall continues to provide services at Helena House, but on Tuesday evenings at 7:00. Nearly all the Helena House residents attend. As you might expect, without the regular attendees from Helena House that can’t make it to the new worship site due to physical limitations, Sunday services took a dip. However, because many of the Mission members are not residents of Helena House, and because eight of the Helena House residents can attend worship services at the new sight, attendance remains strong, averaging 20. Their largest post-move attendance so far has been 27. Their largest pre-move attendance was 37.

Because the Beaufort Mission is not a chartered congregation (yet) they cannot officially receive members. Instead, those who wish to associate with the Mission can either have their membership transferred to Lamb of God, or they can maintain their membership in their “old” church until the mission charters. We have received transfers for two families (seven individuals) not counting Pastor Crandall and his family (who are members of Lamb of God).

Blessing in Christ
Pastor John Rickert

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  1. I received an e-mail from Rev. Crandall with the following corrrection to the above post:

    I just read your blog article about the Beaufort Mission. Great! And thank you.

    However, in the interests of accuracy, I must point out that this is not correct: "...and because eight of the Helena House residents can attend worship services at the new sight..." None of the residents were able to follow us to the new site, so the average drop in attendance of only 1 (from 21 to 20) is remarkable.

    Your brother, saint and sinner,