Monday, November 3, 2014

Video - sort of

The Lord be with you

I have been posting links to audio files, stored in Dropbox, of my sermons on the sermon page of this blog. This has been easy and doesn't take much time. However I've used up all the space I have in Dropbox. So today I've learned how to make a YouTube "movie" with my sermons as a sound track. The "movie" is really just a few pictures. Perhaps, as time goes by, I'll get more sophisticated. At any rate, I've posted two sermon videos (Reformation Sunday and All Satins' Sunday) on the sermon page. I will slowly (as this takes a bit of time) replace the audio links with video links. Future sermons will be in this new format. The plus side of this is that the messages will be more readily available to people looking for them. You can help make them easier to find simply by clicking on the movie and listening to the sermon one more time.

Blessings in Christ
Pastor John Rickert

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