Friday, October 18, 2013

"Discovering the Purpose for My Life"

Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries
By Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour
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"Discovering the Purpose for My Life"

October 18, 2013
DD UgandaIf I ascend to heaven, You are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, You are there! If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there Your hand shall lead me and Your right hand shall hold me. Psalms 139:8-10
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The salvation story of Jesus Christ reaches around the world. So that the readers of our Daily Devotion may see the power of the Savior on a global scale, we have asked the volunteers of our International Ministry Centers to write our Fridaydevotions. We pray that the Spirit may touch your day through their words.

In Christ, I remain, His servant and yours,
Kenneth R. Klaus
Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour

The search for a college internship was frustrating. Even so, as I looked around, my continuous prayer to the Lord was, "Your will be done."

All my colleagues had already found placements, and here I was "on the streets," searching from place to place. It seemed to be a waste of time. At one point I even started to panic. Time was not on my side. If I was to continue my education, I needed a supervisor and to have a supervisor I needed a place of internship: that is, a place of study which had a definite beginning and end. It was a deadline I wasn't meeting.

Still, God who always knows the end of things before we start had something special in store.

One morning, as I carried on with my seemingly fruitless and unending search, I made a stop at the LHM-Uganda offices. What happened there took some time to sink in.

First, they offered me an internship. Second, I was offered a free Bible course.

In a very short period of time, I found myself learning a great deal about the facts of Christianity. Even today I still find time to read the Bible passages quoted in the various lessons. It is a habit I would wish to see adopted by everyone, so they might also find the treasures which are included in this fact-filled course. Indeed, this is more than a wish; for I find it easy to promote this class to everyone I meet, so they may not miss out on this golden opportunity to have their faith and spiritual lives nurtured.

My stay at Lutheran Hour Ministries has completely changed my life.

More accurately, the Holy Spirit has used this ministry to change my life. Like so many others who have encountered Lutheran Hour Ministries, my day now starts with a morning devotion and my weekends with wonderful Bible study lessons.

Amazingly, I now have more time ... time which is used in group Bible studies and reaching out to others with the Gospel message of grace through Jesus' blood.

You should know I came to Lutheran Hour Ministries looking for an internship that would increase my chances of getting a better job in the future. Today those things are almost inconsequential. Far more importantly, I have been led to believe that my life's purpose is to serve my God and Savior.

By God's grace I shall do this by reaching out, in Jesus' Name, to the people I meet in my work. Regardless of whether I am still with Lutheran Hour Ministries or not, I will carry on with this purpose because that is why the Lord has put me here on earth.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, You reveal Yourself more and more to us as we seek to do Your will in our lives. May we be granted the vision to see the purpose for which You have placed us on this earth. To that end keep us away from selfish desires and help us tirelessly serve You in the attempt to expand Your kingdom. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Biography of Author: Today's international devotion was written by Andrew Acidri. A student of Makerere University, Acidri has been volunteering with the Uganda Lutheran Hour Ministries center for the past three months. He has been participating in the promotion of our Bible courses, film shows, and hospital ministry. He began his ministry with us when the Lord used an intern program to bring him to our offices. In this African nation of more than 35 million people, Lutheran Hour Ministries-Uganda, known locally as Lutheran Media Ministry, has connected with more than 250,000 individuals through print, broadcast, electronic and traditional media, including radio and television programming. This outreach has led to the formation of more than 100 Lutheran churches countrywide, working in partnership with the Lutheran Church. Additional efforts include enrolling students in Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC), distributing Bibles and topical booklets, and launching a biblical values-based peer education program designed for secondary school students.

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Pastor KlausIn Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries

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