Monday, October 3, 2011

Supporting Lutheran Orphanages in Haiti

As some of you know, our youth group voted this past Sunday (LWML Sunday) to support the Lutheran orphanages in Haiti this year. The congregation is asked to encourage our youth in this effort by supporting things they might do this year, such as a: car wash; bake sale; slave for Jesus auction, etc. Help them fill their mason jars with coins and dollars to give to the homeless and parentless children of Haiti. This money will be used to provide housing, food, medical care and educational services to these children, and perhaps keep them from being sold into slavery - a worthy cause indeed!
We pray together...
Dear Heavenly Father, the earthquake
devastation in Haiti has left many of
Your children homeless and parentless.
Bless the two Haitian Lutheran church
bodies and LCMS World Relief and
Human Care as they reach out to serve
the physical and spiritual needs of the
children being served by Lutheran
orphanages in Haiti. Through this LWML
grant bring many more children to
know and trust You as Lord and Savior,
in Whose name we pray. Amen.

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