Saturday, October 8, 2011

Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg

Saturday after Pentecost 16
October 8, 2011

The Lord be with you

Yesterday was the commemoration of Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg (1711-1787). Who, you ask? Henry Muhlenberg was an early American Lutheran pastor, church organizer, chronicler and “patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America.” He was the founding pastor of many Lutheran congregations, mostly in Pennsylvania, a key organizer of the first Lutheran synod in America, and he was instrumental in creating the first American English Lutheran liturgy. You can read more about Muhlenberg here. Below is a quote from him.
    Error must be refuted. Since our church members dwell among all kinds of hostile sects, controversy cannot be avoided; yet you should not mention names. The matter should be so treated that the unholy founts of heresy and sectarianism are exposed with due humility and moderation. As many parties dwell together, intermarry, and have business relations with one another, a dangerous indifferentism easily arises. Therefore it is necessary at all times to point out [doctrinal] differences, as otherwise the suspicion of indifference may also fall upon the preacher. Carefully inquire into the moral condition of the members, and let it be a guide in the preparation of sermons. Above all, let us sow with tears, and have the edification of each individual at heart, and take heed unto ourselves and unto the doctrine."
Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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