Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Really Celebrate Christmas

Wednesday after Advent 4
December 23, 2009

The Lord be with you

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Friday is Christmas Day. People celebrate in many different ways. They decorate their homes. They attend family gatherings. They eat favorite foods. There are many traditions that make the day glow in our hearts.

However Christmas is not about any of these types of traditions. If we follow the lead of the world, which tells us Christmas is about family, or Christmas is about the Children, or Christmas is about … You are not really celebrating Christmas. You are celebrating family, or children, or food, or whatever.

Christmas is about the birth of the Savior of the world. Christmas is about the in-fleshment of the Second Person of the Triune God. It is about God keeping his promises.

We celebrate this event, which is the center of human history, in worship. At Lamb of God we have two special services, one on Christmas Eve (7:00 PM) and the other on Christmas Day (10:00 AM). If you are in the Spartanburg area, we invite you to join us.

However you do not have to live in the Upstate to celebrate the Lord’s birth. If your church does not have special services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, find a church in your area that does. Most Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations will offer such services. Just check your phone book.

Celebrate CHRISTmas this year. Gather with the believers and worship the newborn king.

Blessings in Christ,

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  1. I put up NO decorations this year, so it's nice to know I was still celebrating Christmas, though my neighbors may not have noticed!