Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where Angels Go

Pentecost 20
October 18, 2009

The Lord be with you

LitWits is the name of the book club at Lamb of God Lutheran Church (LCMS). We meet every other month to discuss books that range all over the place. What book we read is decided by a vote of those who attend. Our next meeting will be December 20, 6:30 PM, at church. Anyone is welcome to attend. The next book is by Debbie Macomber and titled Where Angels Go. It continues our tradition of reading a “Christmas” book for our December get-together. I’m told it is a fast read, even though it is 296 pages. What follows are two reviews, both taken from Barns and Nobles webpage.


Christmas is a time for angels. Shirley, Goodness and Mercy are back! These three irresistible angels love their assignments on earth. They especially love helping people who send prayer requests to Heaven (even though the Archangel Gabriel, their boss, knows they're going to break his rules)!

This Christmas, Mercy is assigned to bring peace of mind to an elderly man... who discovers an unexpected answer to his prayers. Goodness is sent to oversee the love life of a young woman afraid to risk commitment for a second time. And Shirley has the task of granting a little boy's fondest Christmas wish.

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy go wherever they're needed. These three charming angels often find themselves in trouble, but somehow things always work out for the best--especially at Christmas.

Publishers Weekly

Archangel Gabriel and his three mischievous Prayer Ambassadors-Shirley, Goodness and Mercy-lend their celestial aid to three needy Christmas cases. Harry Alderwood, 86, prays that his increasingly forgetful wife, Rosalie, will agree to move into assisted living before he dies. Meanwhile, nine-year-old Carter Jackson begs God for a dog, even though his mother and father tell him that they can't afford to keep a pet, while Beth Fischer's mother prays that her divorced paralegal daughter, nightly engrossed in a World of Warcraft online game, will start a new life. The busybody angels work behind the scenes and provide a few delightful surprise twists as lives transform.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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