Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back To School

Wednesday after Pentecost 19
October 14, 2009

The Lord be with you

Well, I’ve taken the plunge. I have e-mailed in my application to Gardner-Webb University for the D.Min. program. Requests for transcripts will go out in tomorrows mail. I’ve asked for three letters of recommendation, one from Dr. James Voelz of Concordia Seminary. Lamb of God Lutheran (LCMS) has agreed to the endeavor. Assuming I’m accepted, I should begin in the winter semester.

Part of the application process includes an essay about my ministry and my goals. It was an odd assignment as I don’t really think in terms of “my” ministry. It is the Lord’s ministry, or maybe the ministry of Lamb of God. I’m part of that. Oh well, I explained it in my essay. Maybe they will think I’m weird and not accept me.

Gardner-Webb University is located in Boiling Springs, NC, just a little over half an hour north of Spartanburg. It is affiliated with the Baptists, but the school has people from a number of different denominations.

If I’m accepted you can probably expect some more posts about my late-in-life academic endeavor.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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