Friday, January 16, 2015

Civil War - The Musical Review

We just returned home from seeing a production by the Spartanburg Little Theatre titled "Civil War: The Musical." We weren't so sure we wanted to see it (sounds a bit odd, doesn't it?), but were given tickets, so off we went the the Chapman Cultural Center here in Spartanburg, SC.
I have to say it the most moving performance I have every seen the Little Theatre do! I cried; clapped; and considered throughout the play. They displayed photos from the civil war, listing the actual numbers lost by both the Blue & the Gray in the wars, plus pictures of slaves, Frederick Douglass, Lincoln, and so many blacks who made it bid once the union of the United States of America allowed it. The nurse's first song was a real tear-jerker; most songs were gut-wrenching, but there were the toe-tappers and stomps, so there were so many emotions being drawn from the people in the seats - a real success in my book. If you live in or plan to be in the Upstate (northern SC), this is a "must see" production. Here is a link:

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