Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Visit At Faith

The Lord be with you

This morning Kitty and I worshiped at Faith Lutheran in Beaufort, SC. Lamb of God is in the northwest corner of our state and Beaufort is in the southeast part of the state. That makes them about as far from us as possible. However, as we were vacationing, it seemed like a great time to visit our "daughter" congregation. Pastor Ted Crandal is an Associate Minister of Lamb of God, deployed to Beaufort to establish a congregation. The Lord has blessed this work and over 40 gathered today to worship. Following the service there was a pot-luck lunch. Following that was a "town" meeting where Pastor Bill Seaman (our Area Mission and Ministry Facilitator who was also visiting) and myself answered questions. I answered questions as the Circuit Visitor as well as the pastor of the "parent" congregation. One of the interesting aspects of this parent/daughter relationship is that the members of Faith are technically members of Lamb of God. However Faith has recently submitted a constitution to district, and once it has been approved, they will be able to have membership. We at Lamb of God will simply "transfer" the members we have that attend Faith at that time. And now, a few pictures.

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