Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mercy and Compassion Notes from the SED

Dear Friends,

Blessings in these Pentecost days! I am writing with two brief messages to share with you.

The first, comes from Rev. Dave and Kathy Ludwig from Hickory NC about DCE Nancy Pingel. Nancy has served for 36 years and is the DCE at Christ Lutheran, Hickory. She has been active at Camp Linn Haven for many of these years as well.  Nancy is battling cancer. There will be a special prayer vigil for her at Christ Lutheran, Hickory NC on Thursday, June 19 from 7:00 - 8:00. I invite you to join in prayer for Nancy during that time. You may wish to send a prayer note or connect through Facebook.

The second message also calls for prayers. Last evening, Pilger NE took a direct hit from a double vortex tornado. District President Russ Sommerfield writes:
"At this time we know that 16 people were critically injured and 1 person was killed.  These statistics may change by morning.  Early reports also indicate that St. John Lutheran Church and it's parsonage were destroyed.  Pastor Terry Makelin of St. John's was on a youth trip to Missouri and his wife was in Clearwater, NE.  Terry and the youth are currently homeward bound.  Conversations with Pastor James Carretto of St. Paul, Wisner and Pastor Tim Booth of Faith, Stanton have resulted in reports of safety in each Wisner and Stanton.  However some farm family members of each congregation sustained significant damage, some losing everything.  Pilger residents are being relocated to the Wisner High School gym for immediate shelter.  A disaster response trained pastor has been there this evening to meet them and care for them.

Nebraska District Disaster Response Coordinator Rev. Rod Armon who is the commander of Nebraska National Guard chaplains is in assessment mode.  Pastor Armon is also in touch with the LCMS Disaster Response Team in St. Louis.  A meeting will be arranged either Thursday or Friday for pastors from the West Point, Norfolk and Wayne Circuits as well as Orphan Grain Train and other agencies to coordinate relief efforts."

Please keep the people of Pilger in your prayers, as we know of needs we will share the word. It is interesting that just last week, President Sommerfield contacted us because the Nebraska District LWML had made several prayer banners to send to congregations who were in the midst of a disaster or still recovering. These banners were to convey a message of hope, of walking together, and the prayers of all God's people. Today, we remember that the residents of Pilger need those prayers, words of hope, and our walking together.

God's blessings in your day and thank you for your prayer support.

Sally Hiller
Congregational Outreach

The Southeastern District (SED)
is a regional district of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Connecting people with Christ, the 206 churches, 94 schools and 45 missions are located in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC,Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina. The SED office is located in Alexandria VA.


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