Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Things You Can Do to Understand The Bible Better

Wednesday after Easter VI

He is Risen!

I just finished the Book "5 Things You Can Do To Understand The Bible Better" by Zach Mcintosh. It is part of a series of "5 Things" books published by Concordia Publishing House ( They are: 5 Things You Can Do To ... Appreciate Science and Love the Bible; Have a Faithful Prayer Life; Have a Stronger Family; Live a Jesus-Centered Life; Make Your Congregation a Caring Church; Make Your Marriage Stronger; Read the Bible Prayerfully; Witness Christ; and the one I just finished. There are different authors for the different books. "Understand the Bible Better" is really geared for the non-professional Bible reader (or want-a-be Bible reader). That being said, the book is well written and easy to read. The points made by Mcintosh are all sound and will help anyone get a good handle on the Bible. Each of the five chapters ends with a summary (Key Points), Discussion Questions and Action Items. So the book could be easily used in a discussion group. Oh, it is just a little bit under 100 pages

He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!

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