Saturday, December 17, 2011

Daniel and the Three Young Men

Commemoration Daniel the Prophet and the Three Young Men
December 17, 2011

The Lord be with you

The following link will take you to a post I made in 2009 concerning the Commemoration of Daniel the Prophet and the Three Young Men.

This day is also recognized on the Byzantine calendar.

A Writing from Veit Dietrich (1555)

This is a prophecy that the king of Assyria would be defeated before Jerusalem and would retreat with shame, and the righteous would be saved, against all the hopes of the desperate hypocrites. And the prophet comforts them well, so that whoever keeps himself in God’s will and guards himself from sin shall be safe, as if he were on a high rock, and he shall have his bread and water, that is, his nourishment, even if everywhere else everything goes badly. He also promises the forgiveness of sins. And by doing so, he touches on the New Testament, in which the true enemy, the devil, shall be defeated, and the true Jerusalem, the Church, shall be made safe through Christ.

Appropriate prayers include remembering those whose circumstances require them to make a stand for Christ, that our Savior would be with then and guide them, for our ability to remain faithful, and for believers in areas where Christianity is persecuted.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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