Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vacation, Day 4

Monday after the Second Sunday in Christmas
Tenth Day of Christmas
January 3, 2011

The Lord be with you

Kitty and I got a little slower start today, which means I didn’t see the sunrise. After a light breakfast we got on the road and headed into Corpus Christi, arriving in the early afternoon. On the way we stopped briefly at a gift shop with gigantic items in the front like dinosaurs, shells, and the like. We took a couple of pictures, including one of me inside a sharks mouth, which matches one I took of Kitty inside a sharks mouth which was the entrance to another gift shop. We spent about an hour chatting with Athena and Isaiah before heading out to pick up Ara and William at school. After picking up the children we picked up Athena’s brother John from work. Then we all went to the Aquarium here in town. Everyone had a great time. We saw part of a dolphin show, sea otters at play, sea turtles, all kinds of fish, got to pet sting rays (with their stingers removed) and even had a few minutes to visit the gift shop where Kitty got a new pair of earrings. We then ate at an Italian restaurant. All too soon it was time to take the three hour trip back to our place. Tomorrow we leave. Next time we will stay longer.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

Just so you know how big these "shells" are, Kitty is standing at the base of the Palm Tree.

That's me petting a dinosaur. (Good thing it is fake!)

William, Isaiah, Ara, Athena, Athena's brother John & Isaiah II

Isaiah pets a sting ray (and I thought he was smarter than that)

Athena, William and Ara watch the life of the sea swim by

Isaiah II isn't quite sure what to make of the fish tank

William and Ara at the Otter tank

Kitty and Isaiah II at the Otter Tank

Kitty, Ara, Isaiah, Isaiah II

Kitty and I outside the aquarium.

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