Saturday, February 27, 2010

Does God Have A Double Standard?

Saturday after the First Sunday in Lent
February 27, 2010

The Lord be with you

The adult Sunday morning Bible study at Lamb of God Lutheran (LCMS) this Sunday will continue its series titled “Puzzlers and Questions about the Bible.” The question submitted for this week is:

In 1 Samuel 13:9-13, God gets very angry at Saul for sacrificing burnt offerings at the Ark of the Covenant – so much so that Samuel tells Saul that now his kingdom will not endure. But in 2 Samuel 6:18 David does the same thing, and God seems to have no problem with it. Why?

The name of the Bible study is “Does God Have A Double Standard?”

Everyone is welcome. We should be able to handle this in one class.

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor John Rickert

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  1. For those who want to know and were unable to make the class, no, God does not have a double standard. Saul was censored for not obeying the Lord, not for his sacrifice. His failure to wait was how he disobeyed the Lord, but it was not the sacrifice per se, but his disobedience that was the issue.