Sunday, January 3, 2010


Kitty and I went to the movies yesterday and saw the movie Invictus. It is a "BOATS" (Based On A True Story). In 1992 South Africa was allowed to compete for the World Cup of Rugby after ending apartheid. Nelson Mandela was the first president elected and he became president of a badly divided country. Not only were the whites filled with fear and most blacks bent on some form or retribution, but the blacks were also badly divided by tribalism. Mandela turned to the mostly white national Rugby team, one viewed by most blacks as a symbol of apartheid, to help unite the country by winning the World Cup. This is that compelling story. Both Kitty and I truly enjoyed the movie and we can recommend it for all members of the family. Watch the trailer below and you will probably want to see the movie as well. It is playing at the Spartan 16.

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